Indian apps Dailyhunt and Josh’s parent firm raises over $100 million

VerSe Innovation, the parent firm of popular news and entertainment app DailyHunt and short video app Josh, said on Monday the startup has raised over $100 million as part of its Series H financing round from Qatar Investment Authority and Glade Brook Capital Partners.

The announcement follows another $100 million or so the startup secured from Google, AlphaWave, and Microsoft in December last year.

Dailyhunt is a popular news and entertainment app that serves more than 285 million users each day in 14 local languages. Its reach in India would explain why Twitter last month partnered with the startup to bring Moments to DailyHunt.

VerSe Innovation pivoted to short form videos last year with Josh, after New Delhi banned TikTok. The startup says Josh has amassed over 85 million monthly active users and the app sees more than 1.5 billion video plays each day.

This is a developing story. More to follow…

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